The Store

A Family Run Business

Twilight Firearms is a family run small business.

Big Nose Sally's Saloon

While you are here make sure you spend some time in Big Nose Sally's Saloon.  You can get a cup of coffee, tea or a soft-drink while enjoying a pastry (every Wednesday we have Oscar's Donuts).  Everyone is welcome, regardless of their knowledge or experience.

Support of the Shooting Sports

Twilight Firearms does what it can to support shooting sports in the Leesburg Area.  We currently offer discounts to members of the Eustis Gun Club and  Plantation Gun Club, as well as discounts for Active and Retired Servicemen, Firemen, Police and EMS.

The Family


Paul has been a competitive shooter and member of the NRA since he was 12-years old.  Starting with .22 LR target rifles provided by the Director of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM), he now shoots three-gun pistol (.22 LR, 9mm and .45 ACP).  His personal collection includes firearms manufacturered by Glock, Springfield, and Core15.


The Patriarch of the family, Larry retired after 50+ years of retail experience.  He is a veteran of both WW II and Korea, and now shares his expertise to get Twilight Firearms started.  At 90 years of age, he continues to garden, work around the house and craft wooden and stained glass artwork.


A rare survivor of a brain aneurysm, she will often be found hosting at our coffee bar Big Nose Sally's Saloon.  Despite her medical issues, she continues to support the family at the store and at home.